The sound of hearts breaking and wailing can be heard from the female fans actor Tyler Posey as the "Teen Wolf" star expressed excitement for his upcoming wedding. Tyler, 22, revealed in an interview with that he and longtime lady love Seana Gorlick will tie the knot in fall 2014.

Tyler Posey admitted that despite their busy schedule, the couple was able to start the plans for their sweet, private and personal wedding with a wedding planner coming soon to assist them. "I just can't wait!" the young actor exclaimed.

In July 2013, Tyler and Seana were on a vacation in Hawaii when the "Teen Wolf" actor proposed to his high school sweetheart. Mr Posey confessed about feeling nervous at the time with uncertainty if he will ask Seana the "Will you marry me?" question or not.

"I didn't have a plan or anything," Tyler shared in the 2013 Us Weekly report. The actor was able to put on strength and composure so his proposal to Seana went well before heading to dinner during their first night in Hawaii.

According to the Cambio report, Tyler Posey pulled out the engagement ring from a drawer and just asked Ms Gorlick. "Her reaction was the sweetest -- I can't even explain it!" the MTV actor recounted.

The return of "Teen Wolf" Season 3B on the small screen is keeping Tyler Posey busy as well aside from the wedding preparations. The MTV supernatural series resumed with the second half on Monday night, January 6, showing that the gang of Beacon Hills High are headed towards a darker path.

In the Enstars report, Tyler Posey opened up on how he feels about Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) being the center of attention in the TV series. "It's always been an ensemble cast, but Stiles is definitely the center of attention this round, which is nice. I felt like a normal person this season," Mr Posey revealed to Entertainment Weekly. The actor further dished that Stiles' storyline in the latest season is so cool to the point that it makes him a little jealous.

The True Alpha werewolf still has a lot of things to deal with in Season 3 from building his own pack to Isaac (Daniel Sharman) having feelings for former flame Allison (Crystal Reed) and the conflict with his FBI Agent dad Rafael McCall (Matthew Del Negro).

Tyler Posey teased: "That's a huge part of the emotions for him. But it was also a really fun part to play because we're trying to attack it a little differently than just a normal stereotypical teenager who's pissed off at his dad. There are a lot more elements that come into play." Watch Tyler Posey portray True Alpha werewolf Scott McCall in "Teen Wolf" Season 3B airing Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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