Eyewitness accounts often help authorities determine what happened in a situation, but two guys from Melbourne decided to make themselves as unhelpful as possible for the media. The pair have become an online sensation after they hilariously confused reporters asking for interview.

Reporters were attempting to interview two “mates” of a man who rammed his own vehicle to stop a thief from taking it. The man himself refused to face cameras, but his friends were eager to answer the reporter’s questions, only if to make fun of it.

“His name is Tony. Tony Montana,” the man on the passenger’s seat told the reporter, referring to Al Pacino’s character in the classic film “Scarface.” When another reporter asked him his name, he replied, “My name is Sam.”

However, the female reporter was already wary of the guy’s answer, so she asked if that’s his real name. “No, my name’s Toby,” the man answered seriously, but revealed it was not when he told them his last name. “Toby Mitchell,” he said, referring to the Australian former bikie gang boss, before he and the driver of the vehicle burst out laughing.

“Oh god, you should be in jail!” one of the reporters surrounding the men can be heard saying jokingly. A jump on the interview then sees one of the interviewers attempting to get a straight answer from them, asking the men if the victim got his equipment back.

“His gear? He got his pot back, he got his bong…” quipped the man.

They weren’t helpful, but they sure provided a comic relief for news viewers, as well as Internet users. The video, shared by Aussie rapper Fortafy on his Facebook, got over 2.5 million views, and was shared over 23,000 times since Fortafy uploaded it on Thursday.

The hilarious pair were being interviewed when their mate rammed his own vehicle with another car when it was being taken by a thief. The owner woke up early in the morning after hearing someone attempting to steal his 4WD and the trailer attached to it from outside his home in Reservoir. Instead of just calling the cops, the man drove another car and pursued the thief, smashing the car into his own vehicle. The thief suffered leg injuries and was taken to the hospital under police guard, while the victim was questioned by the police.