Transgender Option On Australian Passports

All They Need Is A Letter From Their Doctor
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Australia announced a new passport system that includes indeterminate as a gender option. Aside from male and female, the country now allows people to choose the indeterminate option without having a need for surgery to prove sex change.



Inter sexual people can now face the world freely and show their true colors.

It was previously required that in order to use the preferred sex on people’s passport, they had to undergo a surgery for sex change for them to use their preferred gender. Indeterminate was not an option way back then.



The new option in Australian passport system will have its effect immediately. Transgender or intersexual people just need a letter from their doctor so they can get a passport in what they consider their true gender.

"Most people take for granted the ability to travel freely and without fear of discrimination," said Attorney-General Robert McClelland "This measure will extend the same freedoms to sex and gender-diverse Australians."

An “X” sign will appear on passports of people who prefer to choose indeterminate as their gender.

Because the number of transgender people in Australia is quite a lot, this new passport system is indeed good news for them. In fact, it was a huge step forward according to Senator Louise Pratt. She is the first senator in Australia’s parliament to have a transgendered partner – a naturally born female but now a man.

"There have been very many cases of people being detained at airports by immigration in foreign countries simply because their passports don't reflect what they look like," says Pratt. "It's very distressing, highly inconvenient and frankly sometimes dangerous."

The whole community of transgender people is very happy and is now looking forward for the government to push through another action to totally give equal and fair treatment for their community. They are requesting for an alteration of their birth certificates to their preferred genders without having the need of surgery.

Perhaps, this action will also help in getting statistic details of transgender or intersexual people all over the country. Getting an accurate number of transgender people is definitely hard because there are no bases on how to know people’s preferred gender. Though number of sex change surgeries can be recorded, it is still not accurate because not all transgender people undergo surgeries for sex change.