Isabela Moner
Actress Isabela Moner arrives at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards in Inglewood, California March 12, 2016. Reuters/Phil McCarten

14 year old Isabela Moner is reportedly being considered for the female lead role in “Transformers 5.” Production of the movie is slated to start this summer with Michael Bay returning to direct the fifth instalment of the franchise.

According to a report by The Wrap, an insider familiar with the developments of the movie has confirmed that Moner will be playing the female lead in the forthcoming movie. The actress is tipped to play a character named Izabella, who is a street-smart tomboy.

Izabella is an orphan, who was raised in foster care. A “small Transformer” is her only friend, until she meets the inventor/hero Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). Wahlberg will be back in the next movie to reprise his role as an inventor and concerned father, who eventually became friends with the Autobots. It is not clear what will be the connection between Izabella and Cade in the forthcoming movie.

Moner has just finished filming “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” and will be working in “Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie,” apart from “Transformers 5.” The actress is popular for being a cast member in “100 Things to Do Before High School.”

The plot of the Bay’s next movie has still not been revealed. In the previous movie, the Autobots had decided to go out in search of The Creators. Some fans speculated that given the ending, the next movie will take place in space. However, the character details of Izabella suggest that the plot will be set, at least partly, on Earth.

“Transformers 5” is slated to be released on June 23, 2017 in the US. The producers are yet to announce the release date of the movie in Australia. Peter Cullen will lend his voice for the leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime. More casting news of the movie is expected in the coming months.