Published on YouTube on Christmas Day, the “Dragon Blade” trailer has gone viral having been viewed almost one million times since. The epic action stars Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack, and Choi Siwon of the K-Pop band Super Junior.

Written and directed by Daniel Lee, "Dragon Blade" tells a story of a Roman Emperor, a Roman soldier and a captured prince. It is set in China in 48 B.C. when a battle took place between Rome and China's Han Dynasty, which was under the Western Regions' Protection Squad commander Huo An played by Chan.

Filmed on a record-breaking $65 million budget, “Dragon Blade” is said to be one of the most expensive Chinese-language movies ever made. It was written and directed by Daniel Lee, who also directed “14 Blade” and “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon.”

After rescuing a prince and joining forces with Chan's character, Cusack’s character Lucius, a Roman soldier, makes his escape to China. Brody’s character Tiberius is a bloodthirsty leader of an army of 100,000.

Aside from “Dragon Blade,” Chan is set to appear in “Skiptrace” while Cusack has just finished filming Stephen King’s “Cell” and Brody is reported to be starring in “Septembers Of Shiraz” opposite Salma Hayek.

“Dragon Blade” will hit theaters in China on Feb. 19, 2015 in China. Its release date in other countries is yet to be announced. Watch the trailer here:

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