Tom Cruise
U.S. actor Tom Cruise poses for photographers at a British screening of the film "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" in London, Britain July 25, 2015. Reuters/Neil Hall

The script of “Top Gun 2” starring Tom Cruise is currently being written. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer shared some details about the movie in a recent interview and also talked about the impact of the 1986 movie.

In an interview with Deadline , Bruckheimer revealed that the script is currently being written and once that is done, they will have to make a lot of decisions. The producers have so far not made any additional casting announcements and are waiting to get the script.

Justin Marks has recently started writing the script, Bruckheimer revealed. Marks was also the screenplay writer for the forthcoming move “The Jungle Book.”

Talking about the 1986 movie that also starred Cruise, Bruckheimer said that it was a “special film” because it highlights the military. “It shows the best and the brightest of our country, the kids who go to war to protect our shores, to protect our freedoms and unfortunately sometimes have to give up their lives for our country,” he said.

The producer pointed out that the movie had inspired a lot of young people to join the military. It remains to be seen if Mark can come up with an equally inspiring script for “Top Gun 2.”

Apart from the heroics of Cruise’s character Maverick in the 1986 movie, it also showed the rivalry of the pilots. Maverick had a tense relationship with Iceman (Val Kilmer) in the movie.

Kilmer is expected to reprise his role as the cold and calculating pilot Iceman in the forthcoming movie. Kelly McGillis played the love interest of Maverick in the 1986 movie. It is not clear who will be the new female lead in the forthcoming movie.

There hasn’t been a confirmed release date for “Top Gun 2.” A director for the movie is also yet to be announced.