There is no better time to start preparing for Christmas 2013 in Australia but now. In fact, any month of the year is always ideal to prepare a little something for the much awaited holiday season since it requires a lot of saving up and wise thinking.

This season of festivity need not to be stressful if Aussies would take the time to consider these top 7 ways to prepare:

1 - The most important way to start is to create a gift list. Allot a special notebook to jot down notes each time a gift idea arises or just snap a quick picture of it and save in a smart phone.

2 - Prepare your Christmas gifts months ahead of the holiday season. Just remember to tuck them away safe so that they will remain as a surprise to loved ones, families and friends.

3 - Get as much as gift cards as you can get. Sites like Swagbucks give out rewards in the form of gift cards after doing an activity.

4 - Save up! Tuck a considerable amount of money meant for Christmas shopping every month of the year. This tip is best done or started early. But saving a little something everyday a month before Christmas can stil help.

5 - There is nothing wrong with going for second-hand items. There are lots of shopping sites online such as eBay that offer used items for a considerable chunk off retail price.

6 - Learn the art of bargaining. This skill can not only give shoppers discounts but will help them survive holiday shopping as well.

7 - Try making Christmas gift items like cards to make it more personalized. A hand-made Christmas gift is sure to touch recipients.

Are you ready for Christmas Aussies?