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Most people want to shine like a star or a diamond, but they don't want to literally appear shiny for that to happen. However, some people who have oily skin have to contend with that ultra shiny look every day of their lives. Unfortunately, aside from being unsightly, this skin type is usually prone to acne, too. But, don't worry because there are some products that are geared towards eliminating or at the very least, minimizing oil from skin. Read on to learn more about the top 10 products to combat oily and shiny skin.

Top 10 Products To Combat Oily And Shiny Skin:

1. GoodSkin Labs Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner by- According to Beautypedia, this fragrance-free product keeps oil in check for at least two hours. It is reportedly easy to apply. Aside from that, it also makes pores appear smaller.

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer - Keeps skin shine-free even during humid days. According to Allure, it has a powdery feel and it helps keep makeup intact for hours.

3. Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender - A fragrance-free, colorless, silicone-based product that doesn't make skin greasy. Unlike powders, this doesn't give skin a chalky appearance.

4. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 l PA++ - Claims to control oil for up to eight hours. Plus, it has Zinc Oxide to protect skin from the sun and Willow Bark Extract to help prevent and reduce breakouts.

5. Olay Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing Cleanser - Its main ingredient is kaolin clay which absorbs oil and makes skin shine free all day.

6. Marcelle Hydra-C Ultra-Light Matifying Fluid - This silky and fragrance-free product controls oil from the skin's surface and has some beneficial ingredients included in it such as sodium hyaluronate, various antioxidants and anti-irritants.

7. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay - A peel-off mask that deep cleans skin and reduces oil production. Just apply it on skin, wait for 20 minutes or until it dries on skin, then peel it off.

8. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder - Has 100% mineral silica powder to take away shine without making skin look ashy or pale.

9. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation - Has kaolinite clay which controls oil for up to 12 hours.

10. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets - These are blue sheets that are made of plastic and Polypropylene which helps to absorb excess oil from the skin without ruining makeup.

These are the top 10 products to combat oily and shiny skin. Keep reading International Business Times for more news about health, luxury, entertainment, technology, economics, business, politics, finance and science.