New details have sprung up for the upcoming “The Division” title for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The latest is the confirmation of the location in the game that players can explore.

In an exclusive with Examiner, the developer confirmed that the original Brooklyn setting will not be part of launch, instead of what was seen back in a demo at E3 2013, a new location will be the focus of the full game at launch.

Instead, “The Division” will take place in Midtown Manhattan. What’s more it may be the only borough coming out at launch, though the developer has reassured fans that it will a dense and sizable map for those who want to explore the world.

“With the level of detail we have, dong Midtown Manhattan is a huge open-world experience and more than enough to sink your teeth into,” said Game Director Magnus Jansen to Examiner.

The developer further explained their decision to go with Midtown Manhattan. According to Jansen, the recreation of the game involved the events that transpired during the epidemic’s spread. Whether or not additional expansions will introduce more locations in “The Division” are yet to be revealed by the developer.

Another thing that players may see missing at launch for “The Division” is the lack of trading between players. Ubisoft has also removed the feature that allowed buying and selling of items between players in-game, GamesRadar reported.

The reason is that there are other priority features in the game that had to be decided on during the production phase. There is still some good news, as Ubisoft did not say that it will no longer appear in the game in any way. A future update after the launch can still see the feature, though no confirmation of when that will happen has been given.

Still, even with what appears to be a limited location in “Tom Clancy’s The Division,” there is a great deal of activity that can be done in Midtown Manhattan. The video below, spotted by Gamepur, shows off some customisation options for “The Division.”

The customisation options appear to be in continuous development, as the developer has already changed the mechanics from the alpha of the game. This time, all of the customisation options can be accessed.

"The Division" customisation options (Credit: YouTube/Arekkz Gaming)