Evolution Studios is teasing a big update coming in February. Driveclub/Evolution Studios

Even with the end of the Season Pass back in the middle of 2015, Evolution Studios continues to support the PS4 exclusive racing title “Driveclub.” For February, players may be looking at a big update filled with new content.

The developer has announced that the new update is scheduled for next month. On top of that, the only clue given is that it will be a big one.

“The next ‘Driveclub’ update is coming in Feb & we’re packing a lot into it. Expect to see more later this month!” said Evolution Studios over at the official “Driveclub” Twitter, as quoted by GameSpot.

So far, no detail of the content or the pricing of the update has been given. It seems that Evolution Studios is gearing up for a major announcement with all the details for the “Driveclub” February update.

Back in 2015, Evolution Studios has already teased new tracks coming in 2016. A snapshot preview, seen above, shows one of the tracks’ locations. The developer has not yet given any details as to when the tracks will be released. Considering that the February update is expected to be a big one, there may be a chance that new content will come with the update.

Over at the official “Driveclub” Facebook, Evolution Studios has also previously announced the Superbikes Double Fame event. Since its release early this month, the event has been ongoing for those who want to fast-track their way towards winning the Platinum Trophy.

The Double Fame even on all Superbikes is set to end on Jan. 21, so it’s best to take advantage of the launch celebration. Best to take advantage of this event while waiting for further announcements for the next “Driveclub” update.

“Driveclub” has seen a lot of improvements ever since it was launch to quite the rocky experience way back in 2014. It had experienced numerous delays and bugs, but it seems that Evolution Studios is sticking to its work about rolling out updates, the latest of which had been the Driveclub Bikes.

"Driveclub" Bikes trailer (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)