A still from the TV series "Timeless" episode 4. Facebook/ Timeless

A preview video of “Timeless” episode 4 has been released online. The episode titled “Party at Castle Varlar” will take the heroes to 1944 Germany. While they make their way through the Nazi’s they get help from someone famous.

[Spoiler alert]

Flynn Garcia (Goran Visnjic) will use the time machine once again in the next episode. This time he will go to 1944 to Nazi Germany. It is the height of the second World War, and the American heroes may find it difficult to navigate through the hostile territory.

The heroes dress up in grey Nazi uniforms and go to Germany. But, they manage to get arrested. Flynn is working with the Nazis, and the preview video shows him wearing a black suit that has a striking resemblance to what James Bond would wear.

James Bond will be the main theme of the next episode. The heroes will meet Ian Fleming, who was the author of the “James Bond” book series that were later adapted to blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Fleming worked as a British Naval Intelligence Officer during World War II. The preview video of “Timeless” episode 4 shows Fleming in an army uniform.

Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Fleming share some tender moments in the next episode. The two share a drink together, and in another scene Fleming hits on her, while Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) watch from a distance.

Fleming will work with the heroes to defeat Flynn’s plans. It is not clear what the villain is doing in Nazi Germany. Readers should note that Flynn and his team stole a plutonium core of a nuclear bomb in the previous episode.

Will Flynn hand over a nuclear bomb to the Nazis in “Timeless” episode 4? The first nuclear test was conducted by the US in 1945. So, if the Nazis get this powerful weapon one year before anyone else in the world; it would tip the scales in their favour in the war.

Credit: YouTube/ Timeless