A red squirrel jumps out of a bird feeder to a tree branch after snow fell in Berlin, Germany, January 18, 2016. Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke

Two squirrels have posed for a photo with a red rose in hand. It’s the most adorable moments one can come across and what better time than just before valentine’s Day 2016? They surely are the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Watch their love unfold here.

The season of love is here and it’s not only humans who are in the mood. Renowned squirrel photographer Max Ellis, from Teddington, South West London, has captured two starry-eyed squirrels who are smitten with love. Moreover, they have proved that roses are really the flower of love.

In the photos, shared by Mirror, one of the love-birds is seen hanging upside-down from a branch. It has the rose tightly clenched in his grasp. It is looking deep into its lover’s eyes and the other gracefully accepts the rose, acknowledging its love.

Max loves taking photos of squirrels with his children. He captures them in amazing poses by enticing them with a number of tasty treats.

“In addition to the pretty rose, the happy couple have been sharing meals of sunflower and pumpkin seeds to get them in the mood,” Max said.

Max has been encouraging the squirrels to move into a purpose built dray for the past four months as the tree where he has clicked them is under threat. The one hanging upside-down, has taken residence in the box and Max is sincerely hoping that these romantic scenes will be the first steps to a new generation of baby squirrels.

However, this winter, squirrels in the UK have been in news for all the wrong reasons. The UK’s mild winter temperatures have led to fattening up of squirrels. According to a wildlife expert, a warm weather and abundance of food has contributed to this problem. TV presenter lolo Williams believes that the extra food available this winter has made the squirrels unusually fat.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!