Teuila Blakely Reportedly Leaving ‘Shortland Street’

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Teuila Blakely is leaving “Shortland Street,” according to a report. The 39-year-old Kiwi actress is said to be leaving the show after four years to develop a new film project.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Blakely is developing and writing a film script for South Pacific Pictures.

The planned film “Island Girls” is based on the critically acclaimed play that she wrote, produced and starred in in 2003.

Blakely has apparently signed a deal to produce the film months ago. Her character in “Shortland Street” will remain on air for several weeks more.

The Herald added that Blakely is not being written out of the hit soap as a result of her sex tape scandal with New Zealand Warriors rugby league player Konrad Hurrell.

SPP confirmed the actress’ film project with the company, but has opted not to disclose any details about it.

“Teuila has a project in development with SPP and she is working closely with the creative team to move that project through to its next stage,” a rep for the company said.

“In order to protect the integrity of the storylines and out of respect to the audience, particularly during the popular winter season, SPP isn’t prepared to divulge spoilers.”

Blakely said of the project, “I always had plans and a greater purpose. This new project ultimately reflects my ability as a writer and I’m really excited for this opportunity. It will be my first writing project.”

The actress recently spoke out about the verbal abuse that she received from the Pacific Island community after her sex tape with Hurrell was leaked online.

“I’ve had requests from Samoa for me and my whole family to commit suicide. People wish I would die and they would never hear from me because I’m an ‘uneducated slut,’” she told TVNZ.

“What upsets me is the way they are voicing those judgments. It’s like they’re being so cruel. And, you know, I haven’t killed anybody.”

The footage of her performing fellatio on Hurrell inside a vehicle was uploaded on the Internet in May.

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