Tesla Suit
Teslasuit – the world’s first full-body haptic suit. Kickstarter/Tesla Studios

Virtual reality headsets can give users a sense of the virtual reality world through their ears and eyes, but what if the whole body can feel the virtual world through a wearable virtual reality suit? In the journey to finding new ways for a more immersive VR experience, a team based in Scotland has introduced the Teslasuit, a full-body haptic suit that puts mild pressure on the body of the user according to the games being played.

Those interested in virtual reality can find the Teslasuit Project on Kickstarter. The Teslasuit claims to solve one of the biggest obstacles in the virtual reality technology. While playing VR games or watching movies, there is a lack of feedback and resistance. The Teslasuit project, as featured on Kickstarter, claims to counter this issue by giving a physical feel of the events.

The key is found in the Bluetooth-enabled T-Belt that is worn around the waist. The belt captures the event and translates them into neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). In simple terms, while watching a movie or playing game, the belt replicates the event's physical sensations to the user. From a bullet to a gentle touch, the Teslasuit puts pressure on the body parts accordingly.

Teslasuit makers are promising up to 52 points that makes this invention stand out from the other haptic feedback solutions. The makers of the Teslasuit also claim that it is highly customizable as the suit comes with integrated climate control and people can also code their own haptic sensation for it. The wearable computer can be used with any virtual reality headset. People can use it without the VR goggles as well.

As mentioned over the official website of TeslaSuit, this technology is not just limited to gaming and movies. The Teslasuit can also be used as a leading technology in virtual dating, healthcare, education, sport and fitness, real-life training simulations, psychology, animation and many more.

To get a full body suit, each user will need to pledge at least £1,199 (approx. AU$2,450) on Kickstarter. Those who order can expect the TeslaSuit to be delivered in December. The Teslasuit developer team is hoping to raise £250,000 (approx. AU$510,000) until the first week of February.

Teslasuit. Feel what you play. (Credit: Kickstarter/ Tesla Studios)