CES 2016
An attendee passes a sign for the opening event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Reuters/Rick Wilking

The global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow also known as CES, is about to kick off. All tech eyes will be tuned in to Las Vegas, where the show will be hosted from Jan. 6 to 9. CES is the world’s biggest technology show where companies show off the future technologies.

This year, expectations from CES 2016 are bigger than ever, with virtual reality taking centre stage. Gamers around the world are expecting major changes in the industry this year due to the arrival of the much-awaited virtual reality hardware. There are high hopes for virtual reality gaming and many other tech-friendly products are arriving too.

Every year, consumers attach a big theme with CES and this year, the biggest theme is supposed to be virtual reality gaming. A number of VR headsets are expected to launch or see some demo. The major players such as Facebook, Sony and HTC are ready to get into the game with their hardware including Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive, respectively.

A research by Accenture published by Time stated that CES 2016 will witness 80 percent more exhibitors than the CES 2015 for virtual reality. If these reports are something to go by, the indication is very clear that virtual reality will be the main star at the CES 2016 event.

Augmented reality will also see the spotlight at CES 2016 for the first time, though details as to how this will come into play have yet to be revealed. Beyond tech advances in gaming, CES 2016 will also see future technologies in automobile industry. Driverless cars, electric vehicles and hi-tech car interiors will capture some eyeballs. The show will also introduce a number of wearables that include fitness tracking devices and fashion accessories inspired by engineering.

On the other side, fans can also expect to see some updates and showcase on drones and security software. While there is a myriad of technology coming out, for CES 2016, virtual reality will certainly be an immersive experience worthy of the spotlight for this year’s mind boggling technologies and awe-inducing innovations that are coming on the show floor together.

Virtual is the New Reality (Credit: YouTube/Consumer Electronics Show)