A Tesla Model S electric vehicle is shown in San Francisco, California. U.S., April 7, 2016. Reuters/Alexandria Sage

Tesla Model 3’s biggest mystery has been its interiors. Now, certain blurry spy shots have provided a sneak peek into its interiors, and fans are more than happy. For the first time they have got a nice glimpse of their beloved vehicle mush before it is released.

The electric sedan is supposed to make or break Tesla. It’s going into production from July. However, no one has seen a clear shot of the vehicle up to now. Finally, a prototype has been spotted. As regards the interiors, last year’s prototypes did not have the final design. Next, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the EV will have just a big centre screen and no traditional speedometer or even a heads-up display. The recently leaked spy shots have put an end to all speculations.

The Tesla Model 3 does come with a huge centre screen but it’s not like the Tesla Model S or X. Instead, the screen is a big horizontal tablet attached to the dash. It’s not a vertical one integrated with the rest of the car. According to Jalopnik, Tesla has given a more traditional look by tweaking the nose and the trunk. There’s definitely more of a crease to it. Moreover, as the sedan is going to be sold to the masses, it was also spotted benchmarked against a BMW 3 Series.

Recently, new sensors were spotted on each side of the C-Pillar of the electric sedan. A closer look revealed that the vehicle has two additional auto pilot cameras and that takes the total count to 10 cameras. The leaked photos show sensors that appear to be the same as that in the Model S and X models. S and X are equipped with Autopilot 2.0 hardware. The vision suite of sensors, right above the rear view mirror is the same as Model S and X. The side cameras seem to be integrated into the side-mounted turn signal housing.

“Where things get interesting is behind the second-row door where the triangular window is located. Looking at a zoomed in version of the rear-side of Model 3, there appears to be an additional sensor or camera lens. It’s unclear what direction the sensor is pointing in, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has empathized that the Model 3 would be built to be fully autonomous in the future. This new sensor could be crucial in delivering the vehicle more data about the vehicle’s surroundings, thus making the vehicle even more future proof,” writes Teslarati.