A Tesla Model S electric vehicle is shown in San Francisco, California. U.S., April 7, 2016. Reuters/Alexandria Sage

There’s a lot going on Tesla apart from the Model 3 electric sedan. Musk recently sketched out a timeline for the arrival of a sports car, pickup and semi truck. The company seems to be expanding its line-up of electric vehicles.

The Tesla Model 3 is set to start production in July and fans expect the automaker to unveil the sedan during the same time. In September, Tesla could unveil an electric semi-truck, and also a pickup in about 18-24 months. Musk revealed these plans on Thursday via a series of tweets. There are also plans to bring back the Roadster as a convertible. According to the Financial Review, Musk has tipped a next-level semi-truck and thanked his team for an amazing job. Last year, Musk even laid out a vision for covering the major forms of terrestrial tramsport.

Tesla is all set to become a high-volume car maker by selling the Model 3. Up to now, the company was seen as a niche player in the electric vehicle market. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Tesla Model Y compact SUV could be underpinned by the same platform as the Model 3 sedan. Orders for the latter may delay the arrival of the Model Y sedan. Musk has stated that the sedan is a few years away. It will presumably look like Model 3’s elder sibling. It would be the company’s priority after the release of the Model 3.

Demand for the Tesla Model Y is also expected to be in the 500,000 to 1,000,000 units range. For the Model 3, Tesla is unlikely to implement any substantial design or content changes before it goes into production, reports NDTV. The $35,000 EV’s interiors have been a mystery up to now. However, certain spy shots recently leaked online, providing a sneak peek into its interiors. A prototype has been spotted. The EV will come with a huge centre screen, which is a big horizontal tablet attached to the dash.

Tesla has given a more traditional look by tweaking the nose and the trunk. There’s definitely more of a crease to it. Moreover, as the sedan is going to be sold to the masses, it was also spotted benchmarked against a BMW 3 Series. New sensors have also been spotted on each side of the C-Pillar of the electric sedan. A closer look revealed that the vehicle has two additional auto pilot cameras and that takes the total camera count to 10.