Actor Tyler Posey At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards
Actor Tyler Posey gives actor Tyler Hoechlin a "wet willy" at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 13, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Important information got revealed in “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 5 titled “A Novel Approach.” In the latest episode of the MTV series, Dr. Valack, the man with the third eye in Eichen House, shared what he knows about the current villains in Beacon Hills called “The Dread Doctors.”

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major spoilers on “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 5 titled “A Novel Approach.”

Stiles, played by Dylan O’Brien, fights off Donovan, played by Ashton Moio, in the parking lot of Beacon Hills High. Stiles runs for his life but Donovan hunts Stiles down in the school library where he is hiding.

Donovan reveals that Stiles’ dad Sheriff Stilinski, played by Linden Ashby, was the partner of his dad during a shootout. Unfortunately, Donovan’s dad became disabled from the incident because Stiles’ dad was calling for back up in the police car.

Stiles kills Donovan in self-defense. However, the police did not find Donovan’s dead body in the school library so they decided that the wordless 911 phone call Stiles made earlier was just a prank call.

Scott, played by Tyler Posey, wakes up to Kira muttering in Japanese and the notification on his phone about the tripped alarm at the animal clinic. Scott calls Stiles to inform his best friend that someone is stealing the dead bodies of the supernatural creatures that the Dread Doctors created.

The next scene shows Deputy Parrish, played by Ryan Kelley, placing Donovan’s dead body on the Nemeton. At school, Scott and his pack finds out about the book titled “The Dread Doctors” through Malia, played by Shelley Hennig.

During his conversation with Theo about the book, Scott discovers that “The Dread Doctors” book is dedicated to Dr. Valack. Scott plans to go to Eichen House and talk to Dr. Valack about the book and the Dread Doctors.

Theo, played by Cody Christian, informs the Dread Doctors that Scott and his pack will be at the Eichen House to see Dr. Valack. Scott, Stiles, Kira and Lydia, played by Holland Roden, are granted access to see Dr. Valack but Lydia and Stiles were the only ones who were able to talk to Dr. Valack because Scott and Kira could not cross the mountain ash in the mental health facility.

Dr. Valack reveals he wrote the book about the Dread Doctors as an instrument to open the people’s eyes to these creatures. According to Dr. Valack, the Dread Doctors were once scientists but their worship for the supernatural turned them into monsters.

Scott and Kira are talking about how Stiles likes Lydia while waiting for the pair to return. Then, Scott notices that Kira’s body is starting to emit electricity.

Kira has brought down the security system of the Eichen House. This allowed the Dread Doctors to enter the facility and attack Dr. Valack.

Dr. Valack wants two things from Lydia. The first is to have her scream recorded and the second is to read the book that he wrote because it can help in seeing who the Dread Doctors really are.

Scott endures the pain from contacting Kira’s body and carries her out of the Eichen House. Lydia agrees to record her scream for Dr. Valack then hides with Stiles from the Dread Doctors as they take Dr. Valack’s third eye.

The episode ends with Dr. Valack using the recording of Lydia’s scream to break the glass of his cell in the Eichen House. “Teen Wolf” Season 5 will return on Monday night, July 27, with episode 6 titled “Required Reading” at 10/9c on MTV.

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