YouTube user Nils Bremer recently published "meanwhile in Sweden, fishing with fireworks", a short video that has gone steadily viral since its upload on Jan. 15, 2015. It shows Bremer successfully setting off a bottle rocket underneath a frozen lake in Sweden as he is being filmed by a female companion. The video's total runtime is 43 seconds and it has been viewed over 4 million times to date.

The video starts with Bremer smiling into the camera and displaying the firework as he scans for a spot wherein to perform the activity. He chooses an area right beside the dock and bashes the ice with a broomstick in order to create a small hole. Bremer then slips the bottle rocket in the hole and lights the fuse. He times his release accurately, causing the bottle rocket to propel itself forward and explode. It shatters a portion of the frozen lake and sends ice scattering about on the surface, much to the amusement of Bremer's companion.

Nils Bremer placed the video under the category "Comedy" in the description. In line with the video's humorous nature, the top comment made by YouTube user DeformedBear says, "All fun and games until a Russian submarine shoots a firework back." This comment has received over 1,800 thumbs-up as of now.

Watch "meanwhile in Sweden, fishing with fireworks" here:

Credit: YouTube/Nils Bremer

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