'Taken' season 1 episode 3 promo, spoilers
A poster from the NBC action-thriller series 'Taken' Facebook/Taken

“Taken” season 1 episode 3 is about Bryan Mills (Clive Standen) and his team on yet another sleuthing mission. Mills goes out searching for a young boy’s father, a suspected terrorist, who has been taken for an unknown motive. And in the process, the ex-special operations force treads on murkier waters within his own government.

In a promo recently released, Mills was seen being approached by a young middle-eastern boy who tells him that his father has been kidnapped by “bad men.” Bryan soon makes it his mission to help the boy in the hunt for his missing father. However, it doesn’t look like time is a luxury he can afford in this case. There is this guy with a bomb strapped to his chest — seemingly the boy’s father. Before Mills could realise what he has gotten himself into, it all conspires to be a monstrous challenge for him. Will he be able to save the kid’s father before time runs out? [Watch the promo below.]

Elsewhere in the teaser, Mills is seen having an intense conversation with Asha (Brooklyn Sudano) over a video that he showed her in the previous episode. Bryan has held Carlos Mejia (Romano Ozari) captive in some isolated chamber that kind-of looked like a cargo container. Mejia is the man he believes killed his sister Cali (Celeste Desjardins). Asha, completely taken aback by the content of the video, demands to know what Mills has in mind.

“What are you trying to do?” Asha anxiously asks Mills. “So much, you don’t understand,” he replies.

“Taken” season 1 episode 3 will be more intense than it has been to date, per Carter Matt. The episode will be a shuffle between the rescue mission and Bryan trying to hold his personal life from falling apart.

The upcoming third episode of the series has been titled “Off Side.” The synopsis for the episode reads: “Bryan and team search for a suspected terrorist who has been taken, leading them to uncover a deeper plot within their own government. Christina (Jennifer Beals) receives troubling news and turns to Harry (Dominic Fumusa) for support. Asha expresses her concern over Bryan’s fixation with Mejia.”

“Taken” follows the story of a former Green Beret, Bryan Mills, who has just begun his career as a CIA operative. He is badly tattered by a personal tragedy, which he must overcome to exact revenge on those who killed his sister. Episode 3 arrives March 13 exclusive on NBC (US). Meanwhile, check out “Off Side” promo pictures on the NBC website. The show is yet to arrive in Australia.