Actor Liam Neeson poses during the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governors Awards in Los Angeles, California November 8, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

“Taken 4” might not happen, according to Liam Neeson (Bryan Mills) as he doesn’t want to watch his on screen daughter getting kidnapped again. The actor made the revelation on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

For long, speculations were rife that the fourth instalment of the franchise is likely to happen. Furthermore, it was said "The Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev would be a part of the fourth chapter along with Neeson. However, now it seems that the rumours were unsubstantial as Neeson has finally dismissed the possibility of the fourth Taken film.

When Stephen Colbert, host of "The Late Show" asked Neeson if there were any plans of “Taken 4,” Neeson he said, “No, there’s not. There’s only so many times your daughter can be taken,” and quipped, “Actually if we do have another it will be, ‘Please can you take my daughter’?”

Liam Neeson also talked about a funny encounter with a fan that happened after the first "Taken" film had released. He revealed about how a fan recited him the popular dialogue from the movie while they were both using the toilet. Not only that, they also shook hands thereafter.

“I was standing there doing my business and this other man was there doing his business, and you know, men we don’t look at each other, you do your business, studying the tile. I heard this guy quoting the line from Taken: ‘I will find you.’ I thought, ‘Here we go’.”

Hearing the entire speech, Neeson looked at the fan, which led him to shake hands with him, despite being at a compromising meeting place.

The fate of "Taken 4" is now known and the news is definitely upsetting for the fans.