Liam Neeson
6: Liam Neeson is sixth with $36 million. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett July 21, 2014 01:30pm EDT 6: Liam Neeson is sixth with $36 million. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett July 21, 2014 01:30pm EDT

“Taken” movie franchise is coming to the small screen. However, several fans may be disappointed to learn that Liam Neeson will not reprise his role for the TV series adaptation. The world-renowned actor plays as retired US spy Bryan Mills in the films.

Storyline for the “Taken” TV series was recently revealed. According to Deadline, the plot will centre on how Mills got his skills as a CIA operative. The upcoming show will also feature how his life was before his daughter was kidnapped (as was shown in “Taken 1”).

NBC will take charge of the production for the TV series. The adaptation is expected to be filled with action and adventure, much like the film series. Alexander Cary, screenwriter of wrote “Homeland,” will write the script.

Fans can also look forward to the performance of “Doctors” actor Clive Standen as the lead character. Aside from Standen, the show will also star Jennifer Beals, Brooklyn Sudano, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Gaius Charles, Michael Irby, James Landry Hébert and Jose Pablo Cantillo.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the pilot episode of the “Taken” TV series will be directed by Alex Graves, who also directed “The West Wing” and “Game of Thrones.” Matthew Gross, Edouard de Vesinne and Thomas Anargyros will co-executive produce the show.

The first “Taken” film, which was directed by Pierre Morel, was released back in 2009. It grossed a whopping US$226 million (AU$312 million) worldwide. Olivier Megaton helmed the two sequels, which were released in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The last two films brought a gross of more than US$929 million (AU$ 1284 million) worldwide.

The TV adaptation is produced by EuropaCorp TV and Universal Television. It is slated to premiere on Monday, Feb. 27 at 10/9c on NBC. Air date for the “Taken” TV series in Australia is yet to be announced.