'Survivor Second Chance' recap: Vytas Baskauskas' yoga moves creep the females out [Watch Videos]

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'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst
'Survivor' host Jeff Probst arrives at the 2010 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles January 6, 2010. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Survivor Cambodia,” or "Survivor Season 31" aired its first episode titled "Second Chance" on Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. 35-year-old Vytas Baskauskas from Santa Monica, California got his torch snuffed out by the show’s host Jeff Probst. It looks like his female tribemates from Ta Keo got uneasy because of his yoga moves. Vytas was part of 2013’s “Survivor Blood vs. Water” wherein he was a member of the jury. He is also known as the elder brother of “Survivor Panama” winner Aras Baskauskas. Read on for the latest "Survivor" recap.

The contestants of “Survivor 2015” were divided into two tribes: the Ta Keo tribe and the Bayon tribe. Below is a list of the members of each tribe.

Ta Keo Tribe

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Abi-Maria Gomes
  3. Spencer Bledsoe
  4. Woo Hwang
  5. Terry Deitz
  6. Peih-Gee Law
  7. Jeff Varner
  8. Shirin Oskooi
  9. Kelly Wiglesworth
  10. Kelley Wentworth

Bayon Tribe

  1. Joe Anglim
  2. Keith Nale
  3. Jeremy Collins
  4. Ciera Eastin
  5. Kass McQuillen
  6. Stephen Fishbach
  7. Tasha Fox
  8. Andrew Savage
  9. Kimmi Kappenberg
  10. Monica Padilla

The “Survivor Second Chance” cast is made up of previous contestants from past seasons which include “Survivor Borneo” (Kelly Wiglesworth), “Survivor San Juan del Sur” ( Kelley Wentworth, Keith and Jeremy), “Survivor Blood vs. Water” (Vytas and Ciera), “Survivor The Australian Outback” (Jeff and Kimmi) and “Survivor Worlds Apart” (Joe and Shirin). “Survivor Pearl Islands” (Andrew) and the editions held in Cagayan (Spencer, Tasha, Woo and Kass), Philippines (Abi-Maria), China (Peih-Gee), Tocantins (Stephen) and Samoa (Monica) are also represented.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Quest For Fire

Goal: This was based on the first challenge from “Survivor Borneo.” The tribes need to use a raft and then light the torches they come across with fire. Then, they must fashion a pole from twine and several sticks. This will be used to retrieve a key that will open a gate. The first tribe that unlocks the gate and lights the final torch wins both reward and immunity.

Prize: Immunity idol and a fire-making kit

Winners: Bayon Tribe

Tribal Council: (6-4 Votes)

Eliminated: Vytas Baskauskas

Ta Keo Tribemates Who Voted For Vytas To Be Eliminated From "Survivor" 2015

1. Abi-Maria

2. Kelley

3. Jeff

4. Spencer

5. Peih-Gee

6. Shirin

Meanwhile, Vytas, Woo, Terry and Kelly voted for Abi-Maria. Speaking of Abi-Maria, her beloved bracelet got lost but she eventually found it in Peih-Gee’s bag. Abi-Maria was obviously mad but she tried to control her temper this time. Eventually, Peih-Gee cleared things up with her and apologised for accidentally taking it. Plus, Kelley Wentworth also found the hidden immunity idol, thanks to the clue she discovered in the island.

Click here to see "Survivor Second Chance" episode  photos from the show’s official website. The next “Survivor Cambodia” episode is "Survivor MacGyver" (episode 2) and it will air on Sept. 30 on CBS.

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