A poster of CBS TV series "Survivor." Facebook/ Survivor

There was a shocking twist in the recently aired episode of “Survivor” that sent shockwaves across the tribes. Host Jeff Probst has now shared his views on what he described as an “insane” result of the surprise on the show. He also shared his thoughts on the teary-eyed farewell speech that one of the contestants had to give. The following article contains spoilers.

No one was expecting the big twist in episode 3 titled “The Tables Have Turned.” There was a joint Tribal Council, with two tribes coming together to vote. This led to one of the contestants leaving. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Probst explained the thinking behind plot twists like these. He said the creative team usually does a lot of brainstorming to come up with ideas, and for “Game Changers” they decided to give the contestants a lot of opportunity to play the game.

Talking about the recent twist, Probst admitted that they rarely do it. This, however, is a special season, so the creative team had to really push the boundaries on what they have done before. The host described the result as “insane,” but also explained that this has little to do with the twist itself, and more to do with the level of the game being played on “Survivor.”

The contestants this time are playing aggressively, according to Probst. He said the players have to pay attention to how the game is evolving, or risk getting left behind. He pointed out how the tension on the show was palpable, with the contestants not knowing how things could pan out. They had to play their hand with nerves of steel, and hope they got it right in the end.

But, the one contestant who didn’t see what was coming was Malcolm. The shock was so great for him that he had tears in his eyes when he said good bye. Probst said that things were going well for the contestant, which made the twist so “devastating.” The contestant, like others, gave up a lot to be back on the show, only to be betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust. In the end he had to leave very early in the season.

While the fans are still reeling after the shock, Probst offered a tease for episode 4 of “Survivor.” He said that things are going to “explode” in a way that the viewers haven’t seen in some time.