"Supernatural" crossover episode of "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" in season 13 episode 16
"Supernatural" crossover episode of "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" in season 13 episode 16 Warner Bros. / The CW

The highly anticipated crossover of “Supernatural” and “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?” has finally aired. “Supernatural” season 13 episode 16, “Scoobynatural,” was a truly delightfully fun episode.

The recap and review of “Supernatural” 13x16 “Scoobynatural” are discussed below. The episode aired on Thursday on The CW in the US. It will be aired in Australia on Eleven on Monday.

After killing a plushie that mysteriously came to life in a pawnshop, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) were rewarded with whatever they wanted by the shop owner. Dean chose a television set. And then the TV, which he set up in his “Dean cave” in the bunker, sucked them in. They then found themselves in Scooby Doo’s world, cartoon and all.

The friendly gang was celebrating in a bar because Scooby inherited a million dollars from a rich man who just died. Together with Sam and Dean, the Scooby gang went to the mansion and were told by the man’s lawyer that they needed to stay in the haunted mansion for one night before they could be rewarded with the money.

Dean knew that as with all the episodes in “Scooby Doo,” this one, which he was also familiar with, was set up by a real estate developer as well. But when one of the guests was stabbed to death in his bed, the mystery just got real and sinister. The ghost was also able to pass through walls and fly, something that the usual villains of the cartoon couldn’t do. Sam and Dean knew was the work of a real supernatural entity this time.

Cas is married for the second time

Remember in season 7 when Castiel (Misha Collins) was an amnesiac healer? He was found naked and coming out of a river without memory by a woman named Daphne (last name Allen, not the Scooby character), whom he later married. When he joined a stranger, who was actually Dean, on the road to help him out and subsequently gained his memory, he left behind a wife. That Daphne was never mentioned again.

And now he is “technically married” again, this time to the queen of Djinns in Syria. He was in the country to recover the tree of life, which they needed as one of the ingredients to open the universe where their mum (Samantha Smith) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) were. He came back to the bunker to look for Sam and Dean, and then he got sucked into the TV as well. That’s how he was able to join the brothers and the Scooby Gang in the haunted mansion.

It’s a real estate developer after all, but first it was a real ghost

When the ghost attacked them, the Scooby Gang got hurt for real, with Shaggy even breaking his arm. Sam and Dean had to tell them that they were hunting real ghost this time, giving the gang a nervous breakdown. After they all set out a trap for the ghost, Sam, Dean and Castiel got the entity trapped in a circle of salt. They found out that it’s a child ghost who was forced to scare shop owners so they would reluctantly sell their properties to a greedy real estate developer.

The Supernatural trio made it seem that it was a person behind a ghost mask, after all, allowing them to preserve their innocence. Then they asked the child ghost to bring them back to the real world so they could free his spirit.

Because they knew no one would believe that the real estate developer would use a ghost to scare away people, they had him arrested for tax evasion instead.

‘Scoobynatural’ review

One of the biggest concerns in the episode, though, was that Dean kept hitting on Daphne. There was the issue of how old Daphne really was and how inappropriate would it be for Dean to pursue her. In the episode, Dean was bordering on creepy on his insistence to get on with her. Still, his actions were comically suitable for a ‘70s cartoon. And then there’s Velma giving Sam an unwanted kiss as well.

But it was a fun, funny and just all-around entertaining episode (directed by Robert Singer and written by Jim Krieg and Jeremy Adams). It didn’t make sense, but then again “Supernatural” has had a lot of non-sense episodes that worked. These creative episodes are what makes the show fresh and running for so long. Dean slipping in a censored bad word and his Scooby impersonation was both corny and hilariously unexpected as well.