Super Smash Bros
Bayonetta is coming as one of the last characters for "Super Smash Bros" this February. Nintendo of America

The promised final two DLC characters for “Super Smash Bros” is finally coming to the game. Nintendo has already announced the date that players need to save to be among the first to get and play Corrin of “Fire Emblem Fates” and Bayonetta.

The confirmed release date has been set for Feb. 3 for both of the characters, Nintendo Life reported. Specifically, it will be in the afternoon of the said date, as per Nintendo of America’s tweet. For Europe, coming the next day, on Feb. 4, this time in the morning. However, the report did add that a simultaneous release may be expected for the different regions.

Already fans are celebrating and saving the date, though there are still some who are not convinced about the addition of the two characters as the final ones for “Super Smash Bros.” Before 2015 ended, Cloud Strife of “Final Fantasy VII” had joined the roster, again to mixed reception from fans.

Fans can also check out a new gameplay footage featuring Bayonetta vs. fellow “Super Smash Bros” newbie Corrin. GameSpot managed to obtain footage for the two new characters. This can be seen in the link above.

Bayonetta will bring in her Witch Time to the brawler title. This ability allows Bayonetta, the main character of the titular game from Platinum Games, to slow down the opponent’s time to the player’s advantage. Bayonetta joined “Super Smash Bros” as the most-requested character in a worldwide poll. It seems that Bayonetta was the winner for the character ballot previous held in the middle of 2015.

Previously, there has been talk that “Super Smash Bros” may be coming into the Nintendo NX. Not only that, it will not just come as one of the games available for Nintendo’s new platform. It may even be a launch title for the console. The early speculations came from a source within the Tokyo-based video games industry. While not necessarily affirmed by Nintendo, the fan base of “Super Smash Bros” is considerable enough to ensure that the following for the Nintendo NX to be successful at launch.

"Super Smash Bros" Bayonetta clip (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo UK)