Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros. has received new updates, as fans avidly wait for the winner of the Fighter Ballot. SmashBros official website

This is the year that the Nintendo NX is expected to debut more details, following all the teasers from 2015. Interestingly, instead of more info about the hardware, specs and features of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the latest speculation involves the games coming out for it.

A new rumour has sparked that among the many games that Bandai Namco is planning to release on the Nintendo NX, one of these is the much-played and celebrated “Super Smash Bros.” Gematsu reported that this speculation came from sources within the Tokyo video games industry, specifically a consultant Serkan Toto.

According to the source, “Super Smash Bros” may not only be a title available for the Nintendo NX. It might actually be a launch title for the console. The source did not confirm if it will be a new “Super Smash Bros” game or if it will be release of the same title on a different platform. But it’s almost assured that this will boost the sales of the Nintendo NX, given the current following of the “Super Smash Bros” franchise.

Fans should note that this rumour should be taken with a grain of salt. Nintendo has not yet made any official announcements on the details for the Nintendo NX. But there has been a plan to do so in 2016, as this is also the expected year for its release. Additionally, the expected new characters for “Super Smash Bros,” namely Bayonetta and Corrin, are expected to debut in February.

For now, Nintendo fans can enjoy the new Winter Warm-up Sale, ongoing over at the Nintendo eShop. Ongoing until Feb. 2, Nintendo’s sale sees digital offers of games at discounted prices for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, DualShockers reported. The sale is offering up to 30 percent discounts on select games for the week. Some of the titles worth noting are “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap,” “Metroid,” “Octodad: Dadliest Catch,” “Castlevania,” “Earthbound” and “Child of Light.” The full list of the Nintendo Winter Warm-up Sale and other offers can be seen here.