Star Wars: Battlefront
"Star Wars Battlefront" players can enjoy the rewards of the Community Mission. Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is finally giving fans more details about its plans on the content coming to “Star Wars Battlefront.” Following the Battle of Jakku DLC, there are a lot more free content that will debut in the game.

Over at the official “Star Wars Battlefront” website, the developer has revealed some details for additional changes. The Tattooine Survival map will now be the Raider Camp, and will support give multiplayer modes, including Drop Zone, Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains.

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker will be getting some Hoth-themed outfits, which are the prizes unlocked during the Heroes’ Holiday community mission. Private Matches will now be enabled, so that players can go against their friends.

Community events and Daily Challenges are a way of pushing more competition in the any multiplayer campaign, and EA is now adapting this to “Star Wars Battlefront.” According to the developer, it will introduce these events so that players can earn more credits and unlocks even faster.

February and March both hold more free content. EA has only teased the coming month’s freebies, which includes support for larger game modes and Turning Point’s availability in more maps.

Finally, fans who have been waiting for the Season Pass updates can now have more idea what they will be getting with the pass. Essentially, the Season Pass will give more content in the form of weapons, heroes, maps and modes. EA has outlined a total of four packs spread for launch throughout the year.

The Outer Rim featuring Fights in the Sullust area and within Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Tattooine will be released on March 2016. Bespin, coming out in Summer of 2016, will see combat in the Cloud City of Bespin. Come Fall, “Star Wars Battlefront” will see the Death Star debut in the game. Finally, still to be given a title, the fourth expansion will be released sometime in early 2017.

Apart from new details for the expansions, EA has also updated “Star Wars Battlefront” to fix a few key areas. According to Polygon, the latest update nerfed two weapons to change the playing field. The DL-44, which is the strongest weapon by far, has been decreased in terms of fire rate, to prevent instant kills from the two powerful shots it can blast.

The Homing Shot has finally also been tweaked to appease fan anger. Its Lock-on time now takes 1.5 seconds, the lock-on distance has been reduced to 10 meters and the projectile speed is also now not that fast. Other areas that also got tweaks include Han Solo’s pistol, Boba Fett’s missile and damage for AI X-Wings and TIE Fighters in Squadron have been halved.