Street Fighter V
Each of the characters in "Street Fighter V" will get a character story illustrated by Japanese artist Bengus. PlayStation Blog

The Taipei Game Show 2016 has brought some fairly notable news and details about some upcoming titles. Among these is the upcoming PS4 console exclusive and PC title “Street Fighter V.”

At the gaming event, Game Producer Yoshinori Ono had shown off a new trailer for “Street Fighter V.” The new trailer, seen below, had shown off a couple of the game’s features and modes, DualShockers reported.

The video shows off a few of the modes, such as the Tutorial Mode. As seen previously, the Tutorial Mode sees a younger Ken and Ryu, and this is the mode where players can learn the basics of combat before diving into the game. this is a good run-through, especially for first-time players of “Street Fighter V.”

There’s also the Character Story Mode, where players can encounter 16 characters with a little bit of background stories. Clearing the episode for each character allows the players to unlock the story costume and make it available on the Shop. Still, the costumes are not automatically unlocked, and will require Fight Money to be obtained.

Survival Mode is the test of wit and skills in using the controls and the powers of the chosen character. As the name suggests, Survival Mode will pit player against a wave of opponents with particular guidelines and restrictions. The goal is to see just how many opponents can be beaten. “Street Fighter V” also has an interesting colour scheme in that clearing Survival Mode can unlock alternative colour costumes that correspond to the player’s level.

Training Mode resembles what was seen in the beta experience .Here, players can practice some shortcuts customised for their fights. Those who want to battle it out with other players can join the Ranked Matches to place in Online Ranking Points via the Network Battle Mode.

The trailer is also already dubbed in English, for those who may have wanted to English voice actors reprise their roles in the latest franchise. The full details can be seen in the video.

“The goal really isn’t just to get ‘Street Fighter V’ onto the shelf. Really, it’s a new starting point where we’re going to be constantly supporting this for the next six, seven years, like we did with ‘Street Fighter IV,’” said Ono to GameSpot.

Ono had also touched on some of the issues that “Street Fighter V” had previously dealt with. One such issue is the censorship that was received with mixed reactions. According to Ono, the censorship and fan service had been an issue that was tackled during feedback. However, the downside was the reaction from fans who felt that this was a big change in the game.

What the developer is now trying to do is to ensure that there is balance in the way the game is delivered. Capcom is trying to strike the balance so that everyone can enjoy the game, whether they are hardcore fans of the franchise or casual first-time players of “Street Fighter.”

"Street Fighter V" game modes trailer (Credit: YouTube/Street Fighter)