Nintendo amiibo Pokemon
The previously Target-exclusive Pokemon amiibo is now available in GameStop. Nintendo

For the past Nintendo amiibo releases, there have been those that are exclusive to retailers. For instance, the amiibo for Pokemon Jigglypuff was first released in the U.S. exclusively by Target. Now, it appears that this particular amiibo, and another from a popular franchise, will find its way to more stores.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the Jigglypuff Pokemon will be available from Feb. 4 at GameStop branches. Other retailers are set to carry this amiibo, but it has only been confirmed with GameStop for now. This is great news for fans who have experienced the state of stock shortage for the item a little after its release.

Another amiibo to break ties with exclusivity as early as this week is Modern 8-Bit Mario. It’s already currently found in Toys R Us and Walmart.

While official amiibo figures are breaking exclusivity based on retailers, there is also word of possible additional amiibo coming. Nintendo has not made any announcements, but it appears that on NWPlayer1234, known for leaking content on “Splatoon,” has hinted this possibility, Nintendo Everything reported.

“Eh, screw it. Squid Sisters amiibo, coming soon to a retailer near you,” said NWPlayer1234 over at Twitter.

According to the source, the files for “Splatoon” contained “AmiiboIdolA” “AmiiboIdolB” hidden somewhere. These new amiibo figures may possibly be referring to the Squid Sisters, given that there are already amiibo for Inkling Girl and Boy, and Inkling Squid.

Still, there’s another amiibo that shows off a recently released video game. “Detective Pikachu” has made waves among Nintendo and Pokemon fans. Apart from a speaking and coffee-drinking Pikachu, he also has a gravely hardboiled detective voice. The combination has made the debut trailer even more controversial and talked about.

It’s not surprising that one fan has already started thinking of an amiibo for “Detective Pikachu.” Nintendo Life reported that a fan GandaKris has created a custom “Detective Pikachu” amiibo. A snapshot of it can be seen in the link. A box art has also been created for the customised amiibo, a potential shout-out to Nintendo to do the real thing soon.