A poster of the "Suits" TV series. Suits/ Facebook

There will be a big power struggle at the firm in “Suits” season 8 episode 2. A preview video of the next episode shows the new lawyer Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) fighting for a place in the power structure of the company.

Samantha works for Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), and has no respect for Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the others. The highly ambitious lawyer has already demanded that she be made a name partner at the firm, a position that Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) is also keen on.

Trouble will start after Robert will ask his loyal lieutenant to help someone, presumably Harvey, a preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows. But, instead of helping him she will make things worse by making him angry. Robert will confront Samantha about it, but the damage will be done by then.

Harvey respects loyalty above everything else, and he doesn’t like someone going behind his back. Samantha will do just that in the next episode, and irrespective of whether or not she gets the job done, Harvey will certainly not be happy about it.

In an intense confrontation, Harvey will tell Samantha that the next time she pulls something like this with him he will fire her. The statement should come as a big shock to Samantha, a lawyer who has put in the work and time necessary to get the job of a name partner.

Samantha’s actions have already earned her a bad name at the firm, and in the next episode her loyalty to the firm will be questioned. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) will point out to the new lawyer that while she says she has the best interests of the firm in mind, her actions suggest otherwise.

Louis will also not be happy with the way things are being run at the firm, a firm that has his name on it. Harvey and Robert are making all the big decisions themselves, cutting out Louis. This will no longer be tolerated.