Mike Ross fights for life in 'Suits' Season 5 (USA)
Patrick J. Adams plays Mike Ross, a fake lawyer in "Suits" (USA). USA Network via Facebook

Anita Gibbs is back with a vengeance in “Suits” season 6 episode 16. The preview video of the finale episode shows how she will attempt to block the efforts of Mike and Harvey. However, she is after something much more valuable.

The following article contains minor spoilers from the next episode of “Suits,” based on the preview video. Fans who do not wish to know the plot or see some of the scenes featured are advised to stop here.

Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) has made it her life’s mission to stop Mike (Patrick J. Adams) from becoming a lawyer. A preview video [see below] of the next episode shows how she put herself on the panel that will take a call on whether or not to allow a “fraud” to become a lawyer.

There will be an epic battle in the episode, with all the friends at Person Specter Litt united to help the case. Anita will visit Mike personally and tell him that no matter what, he will not be getting her vote.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will meet with Anita in “Suits” season 6 finale to try and work out a deal. Anita will offer to give Mike her vote in return for Harvey. It is not clear if she wants the latter to stop practicing law or turn himself in and spend some time in jail for his past actions.

Mike senses a trap. Even if Harvey were to agree to the unreasonable demands of Anita Gibbs, there is no guarantee she will keep her word. There is a good chance that she will go after them both eventually, no matter what they agree to right now. As always, the hot shot lawyers will have to find another way to deal with the problem.

Rachel (Meghan Markle) suggests they have to find a way to get Anita off the panel. They may be able to dig up something on her, especially given her dubious ways of getting things done, even if that means bending the law. Fans will recall how Mike had to trick her into getting his lawyer when he was arrested previously.

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is mostly in the background in the “Suits” season 6 episode 16 preview video. His relationship is suffering because of his guilt, which is related to Mike’s case. The reaction of his fiancé is another thing to note. Is this a foreshadowing of her testifying against Louis or Mike in the future?

Credit: Facebook/ Suits