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A preview video of “Suits” season 6 episode 14 has been released online. The video shows how Mike’s gamble will get very risky. Meanwhile, the creator of the show Aaron Korsh weighed in on the consequences of Harvey and Donna becoming a couple.

The following article contains spoilers from the next episode of “Suits” and comments by Aaron Korsh about Harvey’s relationship with Donna. Fans who do not wish to know what happens next on the show are advised to stop reading.

What was supposed to be a simple give and take transaction between Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the member of the Ethics Committee will turn into a more risky proposition. What are in the balance are the fate of Mike (Patrick J Adams) and the possibility of him going back to jail.

Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) application to becoming a lawyer may not be blocked, but the Ethics Committee member appears to be dilly-dallying when it comes to a hearing that can give Mike a license to practice law again. Harvey is not pleased with the way things are turning out.

The stakes get higher in “Suits” season 6 episode 14, as the preview video [see below] shows Mike explaining to Harvey that the only way to win a losing knife fight is to pick up a gun, something that his former boss had taught him. Rachel is concerned about this new gamble of her fiancé and is afraid he will have to go back to prison for it.

Meanwhile, Korsh weighed in on Harvey and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) becoming a couple in a post on USA Network. Some of the fans have been hoping the two characters become a couple, so the creator of the show looked at what the consequences will be if that happens.

One good reason to turn Harvey and Donna into a couple is to give the fans what they have been asking for, and that is never a bad thing. But their getting together can’t be the way it was with Mike and Rachel. Korsh explained that the fans may not like to see dramatic scenes between the hotshot lawyer and the fiery executive assistant.

However, there is also a section of the fans who don’t want to see Harvey and Donna come together. This is important from a character perspective, and also some fans feel that the two characters aren’t just right for each other.

On the question of will Harvey and Donna really become a couple in “Suits” season 6, Korsh approached it from a storytelling perspective. The main objective is to keep telling the main story in the long run. So if the two characters come together, the chances of introducing new love interests in the future is limited unless they split sometime in the future. While waiting to see what the future holds, the fans can enjoy the anticipation and the tease of them becoming a couple.

Credit: Facebook/ Suits