[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers from the upcoming episodes of “Suits” Season 5, read at your own risk]

The final moments of the premiere episode of “Suits” Season 5 saw Harvey (Gabriel Macht), who was having panic attacks, flushing pills down the toilet, suggesting that he has finally accepted that Donna (Sarah Rafferty) was not coming back and he’s over her. Creator Aaron Korsh, however, has said that Harvey’s “deep-seeded” issues are not going to be resolved so quickly.

Speaking to TV Guide, Korsh said, “… Harvey has some deep-seeded issues we've touched on with his mom, some abandonment issues. We've seen that in the past when Donna has said, ‘Nobody is leaving’.” He said that issues like that rarely get resolved quickly, adding “there are fits and starts. Two steps forward, one step back. We've taken that approach to this.”

Also the therapist Dr Paula Agard (Christina Cole) is not going anywhere, as Harvey will be seen visiting her throughout the season. Korsh also told TV Guide that they wanted to stylise his reason behind visiting the therapist as well as his anxiety, adding that it has got to be “major for him” and it is not going to be resolved after one episode. Korsh did not confirm whether Harvey and his therapist will have a romantic storyline as well.

Meanwhile, Gretchen is set to step in as Donna’s replacement in this week’s episode of “Suits” Season 5, titled “Compensation.” Korsh has called her “great” and “unexpected.” He said to TV Guide that she is “opposite of Donna” but quickly takes it back, adding that the new secretary is not the opposite of his ex-secretary, but he is hiring her in response to losing her. Harvey does not want another Donna and does not want to land in a similar situation again, according to Korsh. “We get to know Gretchen over time.”

And speaking about Donna, it looks like she wants to work for Louis (Rick Hoffman), but the latter has the habit of spoiling whatever is going good, as was seen in the first episode of “Suits” Season 5. Korsh said that Donna and Louis’ relationship is at a “fragile point” and a little thing can mess it up.

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