[Spoiler Alert: The article contains major spoilers from episode 1 and episode 2 of “Suits” Season 5, read at your own risk]

The first episode of “Suits” Season 5 saw Harvey (Gabriel Macht) finally accepting that Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has left him and may not come back. He asked Donna, who started working for Louis (Rick Hoffman) in the premiere episode, for the list of legal secretaries that she had originally prepared for her new boss. The episode 2, titled “Compensation,” will see Harvey looking for Donna’s replacement, and it looks like he will end up hiring a new Donna in the episode.

“… his (Harvey) approach to finding Donna’s replacement is that he doesn’t want to get into the same situation with Donna’s replacement that he had with Donna. So he comes to realise that when he hires the new Donna,” Aaron Korsh, creator of “Suits,” told The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, the episode 1 saw Christina Cole making an appearance as Harvey’s therapist Dr Paula Agard, and this week’s episode will introduce John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff, the no-name partner of the firm. He will be making his presence known to Jessica (Gina Torres) and question Harvey’s way of doing business, asking whether it is beneficial to the firm, according to synopsis.

Korsh said Soloff has been at the firm a long time and has just been promoted to the newfound position of power. THR quoted him as saying that Soloff is the new of head of the compensation committee and “he’s going to use that to try and make a power play within the firm. It’s not going to be fun for our main people.”

The episode preview indicates that former NBA All Star Charles Barkley is set to guest star in episode 2 “Compensation.” He is playing a “heightened version” of himself and Harvey’s high-profile client. Barkley is called in to help Harvey when the latter gets into trouble with Soloff. He expects to get out of the jam with his help, but according to THR’s report, things do not go as Harvey hoped.

Also the synopsis reveals that Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) is making an appearance in episode 2 of "Suits" Season 5 to offer “unsolicited” advice about the engagement to Mike (Patrick J. Adams). The episode will also see Louis getting “embroiled in surprising money matters.”


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