[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers from the new and previous seasons of "Suits," read at your own risk]

When “Suits” returns this summer with the first instalment of Season 5 episode, one can expect to see palpable tension at Pearson Specter Litt, as everyone in the firm is expected to be affected by Donna’s (Sarah Rafferty) shocking move to exit Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) office and become Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) secretary. The one person who would be the most affected is Harvey. There is a possibility that someone else may try to take Donna's place.

Gina Torres, who plays Jessica Pearson, told TV Fanatic that they are going to see “tears” in the upcoming season of “Suits.” She, however, revealed that Jessica is not in tears. The last season saw Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) breaking up with her after she confessed to him that she loves him. He also resigned from the firm. Pearson said she likes to believe that her character is “over Jeff and on to other things.” She also said that “Suits” Season 5 will pick up sometime after the events of the previous season.

Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane, added that the “stakes are high” because of what happened. “Suits” Season 4 ended on an unexpected, shocking twist. Donna told Harvey that she is leaving him and has accepted Louis’ offer to become his secretary. She also added that she loves him. This major development and the impromptu engagement of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel have set the foundation for “Suits” Season 5.

When TV Fanatic asked if Donna’s decision to work for Louis will affect everyone, Torres said, “no one more than Harvey … that is a big upset.” Meghan added that with Donna not being there for Harvey, it “opens a big window for different players in the firm to become closer to him, Rachel included.”

The one person who may become close to Harvey is Christina Cole’s character. She is playing a no-nonsense Harvard educated psychiatrist Dr Paula Agard. The report does not confirm whether she is going to be seen as Harvey’s personal secretary, but reveals that the two will be see playing a game of cat and mouse throughout “Suits” Season 5.

Torres told TV Fanatic that the new season will “suck you in, all over again.” “Suits” Season 5 is set to premiere on Wednesday, June 24.

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