Travis Tanner (Eric Close), the old nemesis of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), makes an appearance in episode 5 of “Suits” Season 5, titled “Toe to Toe.” He will be seen claiming to be a changed man, but the preview suggests that the shady lawyer has not changed much.

The preview shows Harvey punching Travis in the face when he tries to verbally punch him by bringing up Donna (Sarah Rafferty). Harvey can be seen telling Travis that he has been crossing lines ever since they met, and the latter retorts, “All I’ve to do is point out how Donna is no longer working for you.”

Also the preview shows Mike warning Harvey, “every time we go up against Tanner it gets brutal.” According to Harvey, it is “exactly” what he needs to get involved in and has no intention of settling the case. Travis tells him, “You’ll be sorry.”

“Toe to Toe” will also feature Harvey’s sessions with his therapist Dr. Agard (Christina Cole). There are likely to be some flashbacks related to Harvey’s past, as the sessions will reveals how his past has an influence on his present. Moreover, during these sessions, Harvey may discover the root cause of his panic attacks. He has been suffering from panic attacks ever since Donna left him to work for Louis (Rick Hoffman).

Meanwhile, the previous episode saw Harvey saying a heartfelt thank you to Donna for 12 years of her service. The relationship between these two has yet to become normal like before, but after the thank you, the new episode may see them sounding a less bitter and not attacking each other.

The previous episode also saw Harvey taking up the divorce case of Louis’ younger sister, Esther Litt (Amy Acker), which helped in burying the proverbial hatchet between the two name partners of the firm. And it looks like Louis will have to return the favor sooner than expected, as Jessica (Gina Torres) will be seen asking him to fix things with Harvey, according to the synopsis of episode 5 of “Suits” Season 5. However, the fixing-things-with-Harvey plan may make enemy of Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson).

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