ctress Sarah Rafferty poses during Audi Celebrates Golden Globes Week 2015 event in West Hollywood
IN PHOTO: Actress Sarah Rafferty poses during Audi Celebrates Golden Globes Week 2015 event in West Hollywood, California January 8, 2015. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

The episode 2 of “Suits” Season 5 saw introduction of two new characters Gretchen (Aloma Wright) and Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson). Harvey (Gabriel Macht) hired Gretchen as his new secretary, while Jack, the new head of commission committee, arrived to create trouble for Harvey. The episode 3 of “Suits” Season 5, titled “No Refills,” will see Harvey going to war against Jack and Louis (Rick Hoffman), and for that he will be taking the help of his star-client Charles Barkley, the former NBA All-Star and host of “Inside the NBA.”

Barkley will be making a guest-appearance as himself. According to “No Refills" synopsis, “Harvey brings some star power to his ongoing conflict with Jack Soloff -- a conflict that Louis and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) can't seem to stay clear of.” The Hollywood Reporter reported that Harvey will bring in Barkley to get out of the “jam” that he has got into with Jack, but things are not going to go as the suave lawyer hoped.

The episode 2 “Compensation” saw Harvey warning Louis that he will go after what he cherishes the most, Donna. With Donna becoming the most prized trophy, things are expected to turn ugly in this war. The preview of the episode reveals that Harvey will be getting another panic attack and this time in front of Mike (Patrick J. Adams).

Speaking about Mike, he and Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) will be seen working together on a case. The synopsis of the episode says, “… pitting his instincts as a lawyer against his desire to stay in his future father-in-law's good graces.” In addition, the episode 3 of “Suits” Season 5 will see Jessica (Gina Torres) mediating between Mr Zane and Mike. And she will be giving Rachel (Meghan Markle) an “unusual” assignment.

Meanwhile, USA Network has already renewed “Suits” for Season 5. Chris McCumber, president at USA Network, said that the legal drama series “continues to be a strong performer and marquee property for USA,” setting the bar high. He added that there are great surprises at the end of “Suits” Season 5 that would lay the foundation for exciting future seasons.

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