Margot Robbie
Australian actress Margot Robbie poses at the European premiere of the film "The Legend of Tarzan" at Leicester Square in London, England, July 5, 2016. Reuters/Paul Hackett

Australian actress Margot Robbie is being embraced by Hollywood and the whole world in one big role after the other. Aside from her undeniable acting talent, it is her good looks and toned physique that leave everyone wanting to see more of her in big projects.

Robbie, while already genetically gifted with a proportional body, even worked harder in the gym for her role in "Suicide Squad." This involved training for three long and intense hours per days while filming.

Her trainer, Andie Hecker, revealed to People how he guided Robbie for her fitness journey. There, he describes her as a “total trooper.” He also revealed that he felt satisfied to see her body change into her ideal shape in a very short span of time. Her routine looks crazy and gruesome as her trainer put in a mixture of many different programs which include pilates, ballet, non-bulking cardio, jump rope, rebounder and ballet jumps. Robbie finds this the most challenging cardio she has ever done.

She also adds that she did a lot of heavy weighted low reps of pulls hooked to resistance pulleys as well as ballet style ankle weights, which apparently shaped up and tone her notorious backside. These targeted her outer thighs and outer glutes and pulled those muscles in and create a wondrous connection between the waist and the upper thigh, says a report by Daily Mail.

While her preparation to be Harley Quinn involved a training regimen as crazy as the role itself, Robbie did not feel the need to slim down when she played Jane in "The Legend of Tarzan." Instead, she was skipping training sessions between filming to head to popular pubs. In justifying this, she says that she did not want to look too thin as Jane.

She also added that her defiance might have come from some selfish reasons, saying that it was her first time living in London and that she wanted to try every pub there was. Later on, she felt guilty since co-star Alexander Skarsgard was on a strict diet while she ate to her heart’s content.

Suicide Squad - "Harley"

Source: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures