Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks during an event where NASA introduced 12 new astronaut candidates. Reuters/NASA/Handout

A scientist from George Washington University believes that sex in space is a real concern, and humans have not addressed this issue yet. A lot has been said about the mile high club; however, as per Assistant Professor Kris Lehnhardt, people must start thinking about sex far away from Earth.

Lehnhardt spoke on this issue during a recent The Atlantic Live panel. The primary concern now is that humans have to prepare themselves before undertaking super-long journeys to space, such as the Mars mission.

There are various aspects of space travel that remain unaddressed, such as how to maintain psychological wellbeing of travellers, keeping the body nutritionally sustainable, combating effects of radiation and reproducing. Up to now, space agencies have not been concerned as the missions were not long enough.

However, if humans are planning colonisation in Mars, these become matters of grave concern. A lot of research must be accomplished to avoid mishaps. A key component of colonisation in another planet is having babies, and this has never been studied.

If humans are truly to become a space-faring species and live in space permanently, scientists must start experimenting on sex in space. There is good news, though. In May, scientists were able to successfully breed a litter of mice pups after freezing and storing sperm at the ISS.

Scientists believe that this is a massive accomplishment. The ability to store then transport sperm from space to Earth will become immensely helpful during the space age, when humans will be exploring the massive solar system. This accomplishment, as Japanese scientists suggest, could lead to the first ever lunar sperm bank.

Humans will be able to store samples on the moon and use it if Earth gets destroyed by natural or manmade disasters, reports Huffpost AU. Lack of gravity may make sex in space really uncomfortable, though.

Space suits are not the most appealing should scientists, during their long mission to Mars, want to set temperatures soaring aboard the spaceship. According to The Sun, a sexpert has stated that having sex in aeroplanes actually gives better orgasms due to a dip in atmospheric pressure. The mid-air setting is associated with safe reduction of oxygen levels. This excites the brain and may create feelings of euphoria. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the sex in space issue.