Street Fighter V
"Street Fighter V" will introduce Balrog in the next update. Capcom

The awaited “Street Fighter V” Story Mode update is finally out. While it introduces the “A Shadow Falls” story mode, it also introduces two new characters, stages, new costumes and overall improvements to the game.

Even though the patch already has quite a lot to offer, fans have already started to look into the files to see if there are other hidden items. There are a couple of upcoming content, including costumes for new characters, Game Transfers reported.

Seen in the video below, not only shows what appears to be Jurien’s V-Trigger, as well as an alternate coloured costume. Other videos seen in the link above show Juri’s alternate costume, which looks like a cross between a hippie and a hip-hop dancer complete with sweatpants, headband and crop top.

Since “Street Fighter V” update is giving players a chance to deck their fighters in different elaborate costumes, it is possible that these costumes will also be included later on as a purchasable aesthetic addition.

If those anticipated new possible costumes is not enough, DualShockers also spotted a mod that brings back Juri’s more revealing outfit. The unzipped suit is undoubtedly more daring, and for PC players who want to play Juri’s more familiar look, they can download the mod that does so. The full details on how to download the mod can be seen in the link above.

The source noted that the mod will replace Cammy as Juri since the latter is not yet available as a fighter in the latest “Street Fighter V” update.

“Street Fighter V” Story Mode DLC is already out on the PS4 and PC. Apart from new stages and characters there will be alternate stages and story costumes that can be obtained either using the in-game Fight Money or real money. The premium costumes can only be purchased using real money.

Urien alternate costume datamined (Credit: YouTube/Tommy)