The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

The PS4 has been enjoying some undeniable attention. And considering this success, it’s no wonder that Sony has been putting the console at a more centre stage position in its strategy.

The company is already in the latter part of a restructuring move following Kaz Hirai’s taking the helm as president of Sony. After all of that, it appears that the end game has seen the PlayStation’s rise in position as a major player for the company’s profits, Games Industry Biz reported.

In the recent months alone, there has been an explosion of announcements and samples for new devise, specifically the confirmation of the PS4 Neo, the rise of the PlayStation VR’s appeal and continuing rollout of PlayStation products and services linked to the consoles.

The PlayStation VR alone has seen a ton of interest. According to GameSpot, the expected next wave of preorders for the summer has already sold out. Game retailer GameStop has even confirmed that there will no longer be another preorder for the PlayStation VR before the device’s actual launch.

Of course, missing out is not the end of the world. While it means that the player will have to wait to see the device in store to purchase, it may also be proof that the PlayStation VR is the more cost-effective and anticipated VR headsets to date.

Apart from the PS4 and PS3, there are also some other aspects of PlayStation that has received some new updates. The PS4 will now receive a video thumbnail when using the Guide. This way, users can still watch their current program while they go through the different scheduled programs.

At the same time, the PS4 and PS3 will also both receive a Quick Navigation menu also when viewing a show on the consoles. This allows fans to jump from the last channel to the different commands easily while still watching the show, which according to Sony, is one of the most requested features from fans. Users will need to press the touchpad for the DualShock 4 or the Triangle for the DualShock 3 to execute the command.

These are just the few changes, as the company also confirmed some more enhancements for Amazon Fire TV. Among these are the 60FPS video output for second-gen Amazon Fire TVs, as well as the Quick Navigation menu.

Sony has also just recently announced that PlayStation Vue is already out on Android. In a recent PlayStation Blog post, the company has confirmed that the app will allow users to stream TV shows and channels onto an Android tablet or phone via the PlayStation Vue subscription.