Capcom has finally revealed one more character for “Street Fighter V,” and it’s bound to cap off the starting roster for the game. Named F.A.N.G., the newest character is as shady as the organisation that he serves in as second commander, none other than the Shadaloo.

A new face for “Street Fighter” fans, it’s revealed that F.A.N.G. is a poison-wielding assassin with a background of conducting evil experiments for the organisation. F.A.N.G. brings in some long-range attacks to the mix of fighters, and while there is no scarcity in characters with these kinds of attacks, F.A.N.G. brings in a unique angle of damage-over-time attacks with poison.

This is seen in his V-Skill Nishodoku, where F.A.N.G. throws a poisoned projectile to enemies that will deal damage-over-time if it connects, PlayStation Blog reported. The attack is complemented by F.A.N.G.’s V-Trigger Dokunomu, which envelops him in a cloud of poison that is harmful to nearby enemies.

His character is a unique breed, bringing more of a villainy air of trickery, deception, and slippery strategy to the roster. And the good news here is that F.A.N.G. will be playable upon launch on Feb. 16, 2016.

The developer has also given some new mechanics involving the in-game currency. The promised post-launch content can be obtained using in-game currency, be it the game-earnable Fight Money or the premium real money equivalent Zenny. The former is basically a grinding reward, which will allow players to get the free content by playing through “Street Fighter V.” The latter grants immediate access to post-launch DLC, a choice that was first introduced with “Street Fighter V.”

For premium players, Zenny denominations have also been revealed. For US$0.99 (approx. AU$1.35), players can get 100 Zenny, which is the lowest offered denomination. The highest listed so far is 4,000 Zenny, which costs US$29.99 (approx. AU$41) and features an additional 1,000 Zenny bonus.

Also, Capcom has already confirmed the six additional characters that will come after the launch. These have already been hinted before, and it seems that previous leaks were accurate. The six characters are Alex, Balrog, Guile, Ibuki, Juri and Urien. All six are also purchasable with the “Street Fighter V” Season Pass for US$29.99 (approx. AU$41). Early buyers of the Season Pass can get an exclusive PS4 theme, a premium costume for each of the six characters and, only for North America, three PS4 avatars, all for free.

“Street Fighter V” has been positively received by players since its announcement. Even the Capcom Pro Tour for 2015 has been attended and watched by several fans, with unique viewers pegged to at least 300,000 in attendance, Fortune reported.

The developer is looking at 2016 as an extension of this growth for ‘Street Fighter V.” this is especially the case for eSports competition, as “Street Fighter V” is a game that has been tailored for this specific event.

F.A.N.G. revealed for "Street Fighter V" (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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