While many fans expected more news about “Uncharted 4” at the PlayStation Experience, a new controversy broke out instead at the “Uncharted” panel with Naughty Dog. In introducing a few key details about different characters for “Uncharted 4,” it was mentioned that Nadine Ross, a new character who is a black woman, fans learned that she is voiced by Laura Bailey, a noted American actress who has lent her voice to several Japanese dubbed animations.

When asked why there is a voice-character mismatch in “Uncharted 4,” Game Director Neil Druckmann explained that the character design was not finalized during casting call, as reported by GameSpot. And the basis for choosing Bailey was simple: she embodied Nadine’s character.

Following Bailey’s casting, the developer started to finalise the character designs, which ended up with the final Nadine in “Uncharted 4.” The team had actually considered the controversy that can follow the decision, but given how Nadine’s character turned out, the team did not want to change it anymore.

“If we were to change these characters, we would be operating out of fear of something that’s outside the game and these were the best calls for ‘Uncharted 4,’” said Druckmann in a statement quoted by GameSpot.

So far, Naughty Dog has delivered its promises with “Uncharted 4.” In fact, the developer does not seem to be at the end yet as far as surprises go. According to The Games Cabin, “Uncharted 4” will still get another important character along the way.

Apart from Nadine, who was just introduced recently as a new enemy for “Uncharted 4” protagonist Nathan Drake, another character was teased at the PlayStation Experience event. Interestingly, the new character also have a disconnect in terms of voice and character design.

As per the source, the other upcoming character is white but is set to be voiced by a black voice actor. There’s no definite date yet on when the new character will be revealed. But considering that “Uncharted 4” will launch on March 18, 2016, the wait may not be that long.

"Uncharted 4" game trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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