mark hughes
Stoke City are reported to be keen on signing Livorno's Paulinho to add firepower to Mark Hughes' squad Reuters

Taking charge of a big club is a daunting task, to say the least. But Stoke City boss Mark Hughes believes that Louis van Gaal is the right person to take the helm at Manchester United.

The Dutchman is backed by his years and years of experience around Europe, highlighted by trophies won domestically and continentally.

While Van Gaal may seem to be a master tactician, Hughes opined that the 63-year-old, like other managers, will need time to drive the Red Devils to success.

"It's still early days for Louis van Gaal at United. He talks a lot about his philosophy and any philosophy that you have as a manager takes time to instill," he said.

"He has certainly changed personnel; he has given guys who were maybe out in the cold another opportunity."

"He has changed shape and formations but that takes time - it takes time for them to take on board information and whether or not he's clear in his mind exactly which way he wants to go long-term only time will tell."

"He seems to be the right figure-head for the club; he's a guy that you sense they need given that last season was a time of transition for them."

"They are still going through that process to a certain extent so they need a strong person at the head of the club and he certainly gives that impression to everybody."

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