Everton manager Roberto Martinez looks on before their English Premier League soccer match against Newcastle United at St James' Park in Newcastle, northern England December 28, 2014.
Everton manager Roberto Martinez REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Everton boss Roberto Martinez defended the "style" that he is trying to impose upon his players, as the Toffees are currently struggling to secure victories in the Premier League.

Much has been expected from the Spaniard after he led Everton to a top-five finish last season, even almost making the top-four until the late stretch of the campaign.

However, he pointed out that while tactics is important, carrying it out on the pitch is a different thing.

"People can have their say in a debate and that is just healthy," he told Evertonfc.com.

"The style has nothing to do with winning or losing - it's how good you are in that style."

"Our philosophy represents Everton. It goes back to the incredible figures that have been special people and custodians of the Club."

"Our style is what is going to make us successful in the future. Now we need to be good at it."

"It doesn't matter what style you do, if you are not strong in both boxes you are going to find it difficult to get consistent results."

"At the moment we are in a situation where we have been losing too many games and we need to correct that."

"There are reasons for it but none of those is the style - it's how you play that style."

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