Steve Carell, who guest starred on Monday’s ’The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” told the audience about how he celebrated christmas with his family. He revealed that he personally put up all the decorations for the Holy Night.

“The Tall Short” actor, who is known for his amazing comic sense, had the audience in stitches when he said with a straight face that his family put the lights up and filled the toilets with mulled wine. "Nancy makes a frankincense mer-loaf that is delicious," he added.

Once the laughter died down, the actor admitted that his wife Nancy and his two children, Elisabeth and John, do love the holidays.

Talking about the wonderful decorations people put up in his locality, he said, “we actually, my wife, Nancy and our kids, get into the car once around Christmas time and we get a big box of donuts and hot chocolate, and we drive around looking at Christmas lights in our neighborhood…It's pretty wonderful."

Carell also participated in a gingerbread house decorating competition with the show’s host Ellen. Carell admitted that he has done that before, while Ellen claimed to be a first timer.

While steve was busy decorating, Ellen played a prank on him by switching her plain Gingerbread house for a fully decorated one.

Steve on seeing Ellen’s perfect ensemble, immediately cried foul."Come on! No way," he cried on seeing Ellen’s house "I think this is a setup,” he said.

’The Ellen DeGeneres Show” also showed a sketch by Ellen’s crew, where they showed various types of annoying people at the office Christmas parties.

In addition to that, the show also featured Mark Wahlberg's video. He is shown talking to kids about birds and bees. Wahlberg is starring in the film“Daddy’s Home” as Dusty. The film opens on Dec. 25.

The next episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will air on Jan 05 in the U.S.

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