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Another day, another dollar. Get 28 games and save US$95.72 (AU$125.00) with the Dollar Mega Bundle. This Steam sale has everything for everyone – from chess and mahjong to mysterious adventures and puzzles – all for just US$1.00 (AU$1.31). Take a look at a couple of the set’s best games below.

'Murder Mystery Adventure' | Adventure, Indie | Normal Price: US$7.99 (AU$10.43)

Solve the disturbing murder that happened in a mysterious mansion on the hillside of a town’s outskirts. Look for clues and potential murder weapons in this hidden object and point-and-click adventure. Don’t forget to find missing keys to unlock doors and hidden corridors.

Some areas can only be accessed by overcoming mini games, which only adds to the thrill. Remember, there are several murder suspects involved, so make sure that the real culprit is nabbed.

'Mini Golf Mundo' | Casual, Mini Golf | Normal Price: US$4.99 (AU$6.52)

Children and adults alike will enjoy this entertaining casual game that includes four challenging courses and 72 holes overall. The game can be played solo or against friends and loved ones. Go from rookie to expert and overcome silly obstacles that include jumping fishes, warp holes and bouncing pads.

'Chess Knight 2' | Casual, Strategy, Board Game, Chess | Normal Price: US$4.99 (AU$6.52)

“Chess Knight 2” reimagines the classic board game for casual gamers. Immerse in the medieval world where strategies and wits are needed to win the battle and claim the kingdom of Chess. Engage in top-down 2D or full-on 3D gameplay and go against a friend or the AI, which features a number of difficulty levels.

The games boasts of distinct animated pieces. Users can also opt to undo recent moves for starters. A visual guide to legal moves is likewise made available.

The Dollar Mega Bundle offers 99 percent in complete savings. Every Steam key is obtained straight from each product’s official publisher and are sent to users on the dot after purchase. Grab it at Bundle Stars before July 12 as this is a limited time offer.

The Dollar Mega Bundle complete line-up:

  1. ABC Coloring Town
  2. Balloon Blowout
  3. Barnyard Mahjong 3
  4. Bayla Bunny
  5. Block Blowout
  6. Bubble Blowout
  7. Chess Knight 2
  8. Dessert Storm
  9. Fabulous Food Truck
  10. Fantastic 4 In A Row 2
  11. Fantastic Checkers 2
  12. Kitty Cat: Jigsaw Puzzles
  13. Ludo Supremo
  14. Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes
  15. Mahjong Deluxe 3
  16. Mahjong Destiny
  17. Mahsung Deluxe
  18. Mini Golf Mundo
  19. Murder Mystery Adventure
  20. Mystery Of Rivenhallows
  21. Pepe Porcupine
  22. Puppy Dog: Jigsaw Puzzles
  23. Puzzles At Mystery Manor
  24. Puzzles Under The Hill
  25. Sweet Candy Mahjong
  26. The Hidden Dragon
  27. Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed
  28. Where’s My What?


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