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Here is the ultimate dollar deal. Get a total 47 PC games and pay just US$1.00 (AU$1.30) for all of them with the Dollar Ultra Bundle Reloaded. The package has the whole enchilada from adventure and action to strategy and RPG. Below are a couple of the set’s highlights.

'Drive Megapolis' | Simulation, Racing, Indie, Casual | Normal Price: US$4.99 (AU$6.50)

Gamers should be able to improve their real life driving skills with enough “Drive Megapolis” immersion. This interactive simulator tracks on-the-road miscues and pinpoints them so users get to polish their abilities. It’s filled with various scenarios for optimal driving engagement and is available in manual or automatic transmission.

The game includes 30 missions with several objectives, including driving around tight spaces, entering and exiting a box, parking and others. Up to 17 vehicles are readily available not including the 19 modded traffic cars. Encounter everything from trams and trains to passengers and animals in this 3D simulator.

'Town of Night' | RPG, Adventure, Indie, Anime | Normal Price: US$1.99 (AU$2.59)

This first-person dungeon crawler takes inspiration games like “Diablo,” “Shining in the Darkness,” “Wizardry” and “Etrian Odyssey.” The “hero” of this game is a self-proclaimed academic, womaniser and skilled swordfighter named Corr Algrimm. He visits an odd little town and recruits a number of brave people to go on an all-out dungeon crawling adventure.

The Dollar Ultra Bundle Reloaded offers US$66.53 (AU$86.67) or 99 percent in total savings. All Steam keys are sourced straight from each game’s respective publisher and are delivered promptly after purchase. This is Bundle Stars’ biggest bundle yet so cash in on this Steam sale before it ends on July 13.

The Dollar Bundle Reloaded complete line-up:

  1. $1 Ride
  2. Ampersand
  3. Calcu-Late
  4. Catch a Falling Star
  5. Clergy Splode
  6. Cosmic Dust & Rust
  7. Deep Space Dash
  8. Drayt Empire
  9. Drive Megapolis
  10. Eaten Alive
  11. Escape Machines
  12. Feminazi: The Triggering
  13. Final Quest
  14. Final Quest II
  15. Flesh Eaters
  16. Freebie
  17. Germ Wars
  18. Hyper Color Ball
  19. Joana’s Life
  20. Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun
  21. Laraan
  22. Lup
  23. Midnight Carnival
  24. Monster Puzzle
  25. Neon Hardcorps
  26. New Kind of Adventure
  27. OR
  28. Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer
  29. Shape Shifter
  30. Spikit
  31. Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant
  32. Star Drifter
  33. Star Fields
  34. Stellar 2D
  35. Stone Age Wars
  36. Super Mega Neo Pug
  37. Super Mustache
  38. Super Space Pug
  39. Terra Incognita, Chapter One: The Descendant
  40. The Land of Dasthir
  41. The Tower of Elements
  42. Tinboy
  43. Town of Night
  44. Turbo Pug
  45. Turbo Pug 3D
  46. Turbo Pug DX
  47. Warriors of Vilvatikta


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