'Star Wars Rebels'
A still from "Star Wars Rebels" season 3 episode 17. Facebook/Star Wars Rebels

Fighting the Empire is a long and challenging task, and the fight will continue long after the events in “Star Wars Rebels” season 4, which is the last instalment of the show. A new comic series from the franchise has now confirmed that at least one character will continue to fight till the war reaches the remote planet of Hoth.

The two main Rebel bases in the galaxy are Yavin IV and Hoth. Both these locations have seen battles against the Empire, and the animation series has already shown the moon base on Yavin.

Hoth doesn’t come into focus until “Empire Strikes Back.” However, a massive base like that doesn’t get built overnight. It would have taken the Rebels years to build the infrastructure there to keep their soldiers safe.

A new comic series reveals how the heroes built the base on the icy planet called Hoth, Comic Book reports. One character assisting Han Solo and Leia in building the base is Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall). This means she will survive long enough to continue the fight against the Empire and may even get to see its fall.

Hera has emerged as the most significant character from the animation series; her name was also mentioned in “Rogue One.” Since the character will be alive for a long time, fans may get to see her even after the animation series ends.

In Hoth, Hera will help build the shield generator that will be used later to protect the base from any bombardment from space. The comics will explore the challenges the heroes faced while building it.

Will “Star Wars Rebels” season 4 tease the preparations building a base in Hoth? The show is set to connect all the storylines that will eventually lead to the events in “Rogue One.”